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Are you looking for an addiction treatment center marketing plan that actually works? Do you want addiction leads that convert to actual patients? We have the tools you need to fill your facility.

We’re experts in addiction marketing, and we’re excited to help you fill your treatment center to capacity.

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Our Three-Step Process


Our unrivaled process is a recipe for success that ensures that you get high quality addiction leads, and fill your treatment center to capacity.

Targeted Treatment Center Marketing

First, we speak with you to understand your unique needs as a treatment center or rehab clinic. We look at your treatment center marketing goals, budget, and scope. We dig in to really understand what your drug clinic needs to fill beds and increase profits.

Unparalleled Rehab Marketing Solutions

Second, we keep your goals in mind, and we offer a wide-range of proven rehab marketing solutions. Together we’ll decide which rehab marketing solutions are right for you to test. Then, we test addiction marketing campaigns until we find one that works for you.

Top Notch Addiction Leads

Third, we make sure that your addiction leads and marketing campaigns continue to produce long-term. We will always strive to provide the highest-quality addiction leads on the market. This ensures that your results continue to roll in week after week. This keeps your capacity full and your profits high.

The Magic of our Addiction Leads

Our marketing efforts target those who are in desperate need of help, and encourages them to seek that help immediately. We take a hands-on approach to training and coaching, enabling treatment centers to understand the intricacies of our addiction leads, and helping them maximize on the real-time leads they receive. Our goal is to maximize the growth of a treatment center, while helping as many people as possible.


How to Convert Rehab Marketing Leads

Rehab marketing leads on the phone…Now what? If you’re like most rehab clinics out there, you’re probably doing it all wrong. Seriously. Most people who open addiction centers aren’t pushy salespeople. They’re business owners looking to make a difference in the world...

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